Project Description


Barcelona is the Mekka for sport- and nature lovers! Few cities can top the offer of sport activities and sport venues in combination with a cosmopolitan city that offers both sea and mountain, natur and outdoor life! Sport enthusiasts flock here to see one of the best football teams in the world, FC Barcelona, play in its home arena, Camp Nou, they come to see the annual motor circus in the Formula 1 Grand Prix, or maybe they want to see Nadal win in his home tennis club at the Tennis Godó tournaments! No matter where, we fix the tickets! If you like maxed contrasting experiences we create the program with abrupt shifts ranging from sailboat racing on the Mediterranean interspersed with trekking in the Pyrennes, in between tai chi or yoga down by the ocean! Or why not boost your conference program with a personalized group training together with Swedish speaking training guru, Kevin Triguero, down at the beach in combination with high intense training  in La Sala Magali’s sound proof training cube together with extraordinary Magali Dalix who has developed her own training method!

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