Barcelona, a cosmpolitan city which stretches out like amphiteater facing the Mediterranean, and which can boast of being one of the cities that can offer the most optimal of playgrounds at the very same time!

Sea, mountain, beach, city, day, night, 2000 years of history, innovation, the list can be made long! It is the beauty and the fantastic climate in a mix with forward thinking centre of culture which tickles the people who live in Barcelona, both the ones who have lived there all their lives or for just one day! A city where the meaning of growth means more than just size, it is more about the feeling of feeling whole, to live the sensation that every day is a possibility to discover and learn something new!

In 52 weeks 86 trade fairs are being executed! The fact that the city is in the top 5 of Europe’s top destinations is not a surprise – this is the city where the combination “business with pleasure” comes to reality, if you want it to be!



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